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The Best Alcohol Rehab for Men

The best rehab is ultimately the one that works for you.

At Valley Recovery Center at Agua Dulce, we think we’ve crafted a treatment facility and addiction recovery program that can be downright transformational for you or the man in your life that’s struggling with alcoholism.

There isn’t an award for the “best alcohol rehab” – nor should there be because it’s not a competition – and, truthfully, the only award we aim for is the long term sobriety and lasting recovery of all the gentlemen who come to us for treatment and helping them become positive, productive men. The reward is the phone calls, visits and emails from past clients telling us about what they’ve done with their newfound freedom from substance abuse.

What Is an Alcohol Rehab?

Not every treatment center concentrates on the same addiction or treats them in the same way.

While addiction, as per the National Institute on Drug Abuse, “is a chronic disease characterized by drug seeking and use that is compulsive, or difficult to control, despite harmful consequences”, there is still nuance in the treatment approaches and methods. Some rehabs focus on particular addictions and others may utilize different types of treatment to achieve their results. 

An alcohol rehab, in the most straightforward terms, is a facility that specializes in guiding those with alcoholism towards sobriety and sustained recovery. The staff, clinicians, addiction specialists and therapists all have deep and specialized experience helping specifically those with an alcohol use disorder.

At VRC Agua Dulce, alcohol addiction is a core focus.

Why VRC Agua Dulce Is the Best Alcohol Rehab

There are a number of attributes that make VRC Agua Dulce a terrific option for alcohol rehab.

Our Environment 

Agua Dulce, located north of Los Angeles and nestled away in the hills of Southern California, is a quiet escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Our spacious and luxurious facility is designed to feel home-like and not remotely institutional in any sense of the word. 

While there are plenty of shared spaces like the gym, game room, pool & hot tub area and more to build camaraderie, you have your own private bedroom to have some privacy and get away from it all if needed.

Small Group, Focused Care

To keep the quality of care up to our exacting standards we only take in a handful of men at a time. Smaller groups mean that the attention you or your father, brother, uncle, son or other man in your life receives is second to none. No one should feel forgotten, especially in rehab, and at VRC we ensure that won’t happen.

Having fewer men in the facility also means you’ll be able to create closer bonds and cement those crucial, meaningful friendships with sober-minded men.

Gender-Specific Treatment

For some people, being in a mixed treatment center with men and women is fine and doesn’t have a negative effect on their care. For others though, being in the presence of the opposite sex can throw a wrench into their system. We remove that possibility by being a men’s only rehab facility.

Being surrounded by those who have a shared lived experience can be hugely beneficial in terms of increasing your comfort level and ability to participate and internalize the treatment.

Detox to Inpatient

There’s just a certain reassurance and trust that comes with being able to detox in the same place you do your inpatient care. The people that helped you get through withdrawal successfully are the same ones who guide you through your program, after all.

VRC Agua Dulce Is Here to Help You Overcome Addiction Today

If alcohol has taken over your life or that of a loved one, reach out to us at Valley Recovery Center at Agua Dulce and learn more about our alcohol rehab.

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