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Men’s Only Addiction Treatment near Lancaster

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Addiction impacts people from all demographics; however, statistics indicate that the rates at which men struggle with addiction (substance use disorders) are often more significant than those of women. When people begin the process of searching for an addiction treatment center where they can overcome drug or alcohol abuse struggles, they often find there are many different “types” of rehabs. Many rehabs provide programs that specialize in addressing the unique needs of specific demographics. Common examples include veterans programs, programs for professionals, LGBTQ programs, and gender-specific or men/women-only programs.

Finding the rehab where the treatment model and therapeutic goals align with your treatment needs is essential to positive treatment outcomes. Part of what makes a particular rehab “right” is ensuring you feel comfortable as you progress through therapy. Several research studies have shown that those who remain in rehab for the entire course of treatment are far more successful at maintaining lasting recovery. One’s ability to stay at a rehab center heavily depends on them feeling comfortable and safe while they are there. For many, this is why specialized programs are so important.

Gender-focused (gender-specific) treatment programs provide high-quality, evidence-based care with a unique focus on addressing the treatment needs of each gender. When talking about gender in the addiction treatment context, it is essential to distinguish between gender identity and biological gender. Biological gender refers to the gender of someone at the time of birth. Because of how human biology works, there are certain factors that will remain linked to biological gender throughout one’s life, regardless of gender preference. Some of these specific biological factors contribute to how addiction affects men differently.

Men Are Affected Differently Than Women

How Addiction Affects Men Differently

Biological gender is a factor in why people begin using drugs and alcohol. National surveys suggest biological gender plays a notable role in specific substance abuse factors such as the age when people start using (or experimenting), the type of substance they use, and how their brain and other body systems react to drug and alcohol use. These reports show men are more likely to experience alcohol use disorders and problems with marijuana use and abuse, whereas women are more likely to abuse prescription drugs.

The reasons “why” men begin using are also linked to gender. Some studies suggest men start experimenting with drugs and alcohol because they believe the substance will offer a particular benefit. Men may turn to certain substances for benefits like improved sexual drive and function, enhanced concentration, and improved social skills. The severity of the addiction is another factor that is influenced by gender. Men generally begin using at higher rates than women and are often slower to seek help at a rehab for men. When men do decide to seek help to overcome addiction, they typically enter rehab with fewer co-occurring mental health disorders. Although men are slower to seek treatment, statistics suggest more men (67%) than women are admitted to addiction treatment programs each year.

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), which tracks substance use data across all demographics, indicates an ongoing disproportionate level of drug and alcohol use among men. Data released as part of the 2017 reports shows up to 12% of males over the age of 12 have at least one substance use disorder or meet the diagnostic criteria for a substance use disorder. When compared to the data for women (approximately 7%), it shows that men struggle with addiction at a rate of almost twice that of women.

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Gender-Specific Rehab

Why Choose a Men’s Only Rehab?

Addiction affects men differently. Therefore, choosing a treatment program that reflects the differences in how addiction impacts the genders is essential to achieving lasting sobriety. At a drug rehab for men, you can begin the journey to overcoming addiction in an environment that addresses specific treatment differences between men and women.

Drugs and alcohol have different effects on men’s bodies and minds. Biologically, the male body is different in many ways. Men are often larger in stature and overall size, they weigh more, and the composition (fat, water, muscle, etc.) of their bodies are different. For these reasons, men can process drugs and alcohol differently. The male body contains more water and less fatty tissue than the female body. Therefore they are less susceptible to the effects of alcohol and some drugs because fat retains alcohol and certain chemicals while water dilutes them. This makes men (slightly) less susceptible to some of the organ damage issues women experience. It can also mean it takes more of a particular substance for men to “feel” the effects of drugs or alcohol.

At a men’s only rehab, the social needs of men seeking addiction treatment are considered when developing treatment plans. Men are (often) not as comfortable as women expressing complex emotions or disclosing fear and worry they experience related to addiction. This is especially true in mixed-gender therapy settings. Men may feel uncomfortable or reluctant to talk about the events or circumstances that led to substance use when placed in a co-ed environment. Their reluctance may be heightened if a member of the opposite sex is related to the trauma or event that lies at the roots of their addiction. Therapy models that address the specific needs of men in the treatment environment allow them to openly talk about their emotions and fears in an environment surrounded by peers who share similar challenges.

Men struggling with a substance use disorder frequently experience co-occurring mood disorders at a higher rate than women. Therefore, men typically achieve higher levels of treatment success in a gender-specific or men-only treatment program that addresses these unique issues in an environment where other participants share many of the same concerns.

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How to Find the Best Rehab for Men

The most successful addiction treatment programs address the individual’s specific goals and needs. The first step in finding the best rehab for you is deciding on the type of care you need to achieve your goal of lasting sobriety. At a gender-focused program, therapy often occurs in a variety of settings, including individual and peer-supported groups. The most successful men’s drug rehab programs are those that develop your treatment program based on your needs as you begin treatment.

At the best rehab for men, you will work with a highly skilled team of caring and compassionate providers at our luxury Southern California rehab. Our treatment plans draw upon an integrated 12-step approach to healing and recovery. Because our programs focus on the whole person, treatment addresses each person’s physical, emotional, and spiritual needs who comes to Valley Recovery Center to heal. Our goal is to help you understand the roots of addiction while learning and practicing safer, healthier coping and relapse prevention skills. These skills, or tools, are vital for managing triggering people, events, or situations you will inevitably encounter as you navigate your newfound health and sobriety.

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If you or a loved one struggles with addiction and would like to learn more about gender-specific or men’s only rehab, contact Valley Recovery Center today. Our admissions team at our Agua Dolce, CA, drug and alcohol rehab for men are here to explain the benefits of choosing gender-specific rehab and how seeking help at a program focused on the treatment needs of men can improve your opportunities for positive treatment outcomes.

Choosing to begin rehab is not easy. There are many factors that contribute to worry and anxiety as you decide where to get help and how to take the first steps towards recovery. It is important to know that you are not alone, and we are here to help. Let the team at Valley Recovery Center guide you as you seek wellness and freedom from drug or alcohol addiction. Contact us today to learn more about our men’s only rehab programs.

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