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Does Cigna Insurance Cover Drug Treatment? Yes They Do!

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Cigna Insurance

Addiction is one of the scariest illnesses a person can get. This is partly because some people still see a substance use disorder as more of a choice than the result of an unfortunate set of circumstances. It’s crucial that you overcome any fear of being judged to seek the treatment you need. If you put off getting help, the condition will only get worse.

Cigna has more than 86 million clients all over the world, with its headquarters in Bloomfield, Connecticut. It provides affordable health insurance to individuals and as part of employee packages, although the majority is the latter. The exact coverage you’re entitled to depends on your individual insurance policy, but its services tend to consist of:

  • Evidence-based therapy for drug and alcohol addiction
  • Detoxification from substances like heroin, alcohol or benzodiazepines
  • Alcohol rehabilitation services
  • Drug rehabilitation services

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How Cigna Can Help you Recover

Cigna Behavioral Health

Since 2009’s Affordable Care Act, addiction has been included as part of behavioral health under most insurance policies. Cigna created a subdivision to help people struggling with behavioral health disorders. This means that members and their families get access to a broad range of resources to help them understand substance use disorders and the recovery process. You can access a variety of podcasts, articles and tools at no extra charge.

Additionally, Cigna now delivers seminars and an entire education series to help people learn about and overcome addiction. While this shouldn’t replace treatment at a rehab center, it’s a great way to boost your recovery efforts and give yourself the best chance of maintaining recovery long term.

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Cigna Insurance and Substance Abuse

Your coverage will vary depending on the specific coverage plan you have. Benefits are provided according to how much is paid into your plan on a monthly basis. For example, if you’re on the platinum plan, which is Cigna’s highest, you’ll pay high monthly premiums but the out-of-pocket costs will be significantly lower. With a bronze or silver plan, you pay less each month but might get hit with high co-pays and deductibles at the point of care.

When it comes to addiction treatment, benefits and coverage will vary depending on the state you live in and the plan you’re on. You can contact the company you work for, your insurance provider or the rehab center of your choice to find out more.

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Can I Go to An Out-of-Network Rehab?

Some Cigna plans let you attend out-of-network rehab facilities, but it’s important to note that the out-of-pocket expenses will shoot up if you do. Cigna has already vetted and made the necessary arrangements with an in-network provider in advance. Some plans don’t cover out-of-network facilities at all, in which case you’d be liable for the entire cost of treatment.

If you do opt for an out-of-network rehab, it might require pre-certification from the specialists at Cigna. It’s best to speak to your provider and the rehab before you start treatment to make sure you totally understand all the costs involved in your care.

Does Cigna Insurance Cover Inpatient Treatment?

Most Cigna insurance plans cover at least some of your treatment at a residential rehab. It’s usually more expensive than outpatient rehab, but don’t forget that it’s also an investment in your future. The services you’re entitled to might include:

  • Inpatient detoxification for a severe drug or alcohol use disorder
  • Partial hospitalization for an alcohol or drug use disorder
  • Inpatient rehab for a substance use disorder

The out-of-pocket expenses you’d pay at residential rehab depend on the insurance plan you’re covered under. Cigna offers the following policies:


In general, people with the Platinum insurance plan from Cigna can expect to pay between 10% and 30% coinsurance once they’ve met the deductible. Often. a Platinum plan covers some level of treatment at an out-of-network center, depending on your state.


Coinsurance for an in-network provider ranges between 20% and 40% after you’ve paid the deductible. In some states, the policy will cover an out-of-network provider to some extent. However, in some states, you must only visit a pre-vetted in-network treatment provider.


The coinsurance for an in-network treatment program is usually between 30% and 50% on a Cigna Silver plan — but only once you meet the deductible. Whether you have access to out-of-network facilities depends entirely on the state you live in.


With the Bronze plan from Cigna, the company usually only picks up the costs once you’ve paid all the deductibles. Some plans will help to cover out-of-network costs, but you’ll be liable for the total sum with others.

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