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Getting Help Paying for Addiction Treatment

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Deciding to go to rehab for substance abuse is a life-changing moment, but now that you’ve made the right choice, there’s a lot to think about. Financial planning is usually one of the main reasons people don’t see residential rehab as a viable option. However, your ComPsych addiction treatment coverage might pay for more of your treatment plan than you realize.

ComPsych is one of the biggest insurance providers, with over 100 million individuals and more than 50,000 organizations to look after. To determine your eligibility for coverage, you’ll need to be pre-approved. This involves up to five free counseling sessions with a specialist at ComPsych, who will decide if you require hospitalization or outpatient treatment. Whether you need ComPsych drug rehab coverage or ComPsych alcohol rehab coverage, you could be covered for up to 80% of the costs.

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Does ComPsych Cover Detox?

In many cases, someone with a drug or alcohol addiction needs to go through detox first. If deemed necessary in their assessment, ComPsych covers up to 80% of the cost of detox. Whether treatment at our facility is covered depends on an array of factors, including whether it’s in network or out of network, inpatient or outpatient and, most importantly, the outcome of your assessment with ComPsych.

To find out more about whether this applies to your unique situation, speak to your employer or health insurance provider or call us here at Valley Recovery Center for more advice at 866-501-4247.


Substance abuse treatment covered

Cigna Insurance and Substance Abuse

Your coverage will vary depending on the specific coverage plan you have. Benefits are provided according to how much is paid into your plan on a monthly basis. For example, if you’re on the platinum plan, which is Cigna’s highest, you’ll pay high monthly premiums but the out-of-pocket costs will be significantly lower. With a bronze or silver plan, you pay less each month but might get hit with high co-pays and deductibles at the point of care.

When it comes to addiction treatment, benefits and coverage will vary depending on the state you live in and the plan you’re on. You can contact the company you work for, your insurance provider or the rehab center of your choice to find out more.

Inpatient and Outpatient Coverage

Inpatient rehab usually refers to a stint in a hospital with an addiction treatment ward or a program in a pre-approved center. ComPsych covers some inpatient treatment centers, with up to 80% of costs paid for in-network and up to 60% for out-of-network facilities. It doesn’t usually provide coverage for residential rehab, but we’d recommend checking with your insurance provider regarding your specific plan.

ComPsych covers up to 80% of the costs of rehab in an in-network center and up to 60% for out-of-network rehab. Additionally, it offers the same percentages of insurance coverage for intensive substance abuse treatments and testing that take place within an outpatient facility.

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Is There a Time Limit on ComPsych Coverage?

The duration of time you’re covered for your stay in rehab depends entirely on the outcome of your free assessment with a ComPsych counselor. For private inpatient services and hospitals, the company usually offers up to 180 days in one calendar year. Outpatient payments aren’t decided by the number of days you spend in treatment; rather, they’ll be capped at a maximum number of dollars.

Customized Plans

ComPsych aims to make their plans as customizable as possible, with referrals to suit the needs of individuals and their families. It’s one of the biggest providers of workplace insurance and has built links with many addiction treatment providers, so there are plenty of ways of getting the information you need.

ComPsych Addiction Treatment Coverage

Alcohol and drug addiction are behavioral issues under ComPsych’s philosophy. As such, rehab is deemed essential for those whom the ComPsych team diagnoses as suffering from a substance use disorder. After up to five free sessions, a counselor will decide whether you’re eligible for coverage. If so, it could pay up to 80% of the costs of rehab.

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