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Health Net Insurance Drug Rehab Coverage

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Getting Help Paying for Rehab

Health Net Health Insurance

If you or someone you love has been living with addiction, you’ll know how exhausting it can be. One of the scariest things to start thinking about is money — but it’s also an essential aspect of moving forward. The better you plan in advance, the smoother the entire process will be. Insurance usually covers some or all of the costs of rehab, so the entire burden of costs doesn’t fall on the individual. Depending on your plan, Health Net drug rehab coverage can be a huge help.

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How Health Net Can Help you Recover

Can I Use Health Net For Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

Most health insurance providers cover rehab to some extent under the Affordable Care Act of 2009. This states that any behavioral disorder — including addiction — should get some level of coverage.

Exactly what you’re entitled to depends on your individual policy and the state you reside in. Health Net is one of the most affordable insurance plans available, and it offers a wide range of Medicare advantages. However, you might still face high co-pays and deductibles depending on the rehab you attend.

Often, people don’t get all of the information necessary to take full advantage of their insurance policy. When it comes to drug and alcohol addiction, the stigma attached to the condition sometimes even prevents people from getting the help they’re entitled to.

It’s crucial that you understand how important treatment is for your future health. Hiding addiction away in the dark gives it more room to grow. If you don’t feel comfortable speaking to your insurance provider, feel free to call the rehab clinic itself for advice regarding insurance.


Understanding Insurance with Health net

Co-Pays and Deductibles With Health Net Insurance

Health Net offers a broad range of plans, including HMOs, EPOs, HSPs and PPOs. Each format has slightly different options when it comes to treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. It uses the metal ratings that lots of modern insurance providers use, with Bronze representing the lowest monthly costs and highest deductibles and co-pays. On the other end of the scale, the Platinum plan is more costly on a monthly basis, but the deductibles and co-pays are lower.


With the Platinum plan from Health Net, you can expect to pay a coinsurance of 10% once you’ve met the deductibles. Monthly rates are high, but out-of-pocket costs are low.


The Gold plan requires you to pay 20% coinsurance after deductibles. This is the high to mid-range option for people who can afford to pay a little more each month in return for lower out-of-pocket costs.


Health Net’s Silver plan sees 30% coinsurance once the deductibles are paid. Monthly payments are more affordable, but out-of-pocket expenses are slightly higher.


With a Bronze plan from Health Net, you’ll need to pay 40% coinsurance after deductibles. This is the cheapest monthly plan, but it comes with the highest out-of-pocket costs.

Benefits of Health Net

Use your Health Net insurance plan to make sure you get the treatment you need for substance use disorders. This company provides insurance at reasonable prices, and your plan should cover at least a portion of your stay in rehab. Some of the benefits of Health Net insurance include:


This insurance provider works with you to determine your needs and ensure they’re met. They vet the rehab facilities they work in partnership with to ensure the standards of care are high and the treatment you receive is evidence-based and effective.


Health Net support is top notch, with customer support available around the clock and specialist workers who understand what you’re going through. There’s email support, phone support, live chat and an online form. They even have licensed nurses on staff in case you need to call them with an urgent medical issue.


if you’re a Health Net customer, you’ll have unlimited access to a broad range of tools and resources to help you monitor and organize your claims. You’ll easily be able to call up your year-to-date deductible and even find the answers to health-related queries through the Wellness Center and mobile app.

Can I Get a Detox With Health Net Insurance?

Substances like alcohol, benzodiazepines and opioids cause severe physical dependence. This dependence leads to the onset of withdrawal symptoms, such as strong cravings and intense physical discomfort. Often, the only way to put an end to the suffering is to use the substance again. Detox puts an end to this cycle, and if it’s deemed a medical necessity your Health Net insurance is likely to cover this service.

Does Health Net Insurance Cover Inpatient Rehab?

Whether you’re covered for inpatient rehab usually depends on the type of plan you have and where you live. In some states, your plan might cover an out-of-network facility. However, in most cases, you’ll need to attend an in-network rehab to avoid paying hefty sums towards your treatment.

Depending on whether you have Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum coverage — and depending on your state — Health Net might cover some or all of your addiction treatment at a residential rehab center.

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If you or someone you care deeply about is embroiled in a battle with drugs or alcohol, help is available for both of you. Call Valley Recovery Center today at 866-986-2486 to find out more about paying for rehab with or without insurance.

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