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By integrating a holistic, detailed focus on health and well-being, we provide one of the best healing environments for you.

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Drug addiction is present in all communities and affects people from all walks of life. It may be difficult to accept, but addiction is an equal opportunity destroyer of lives and communities. No matter your age, socioeconomic background, gender, or race, drug, and alcohol addiction ruins lives and throws families in disarray. The crippling effects of addiction can be felt in every community in the United States—including Santa Monica.
We will take a deeper look into the addiction problem in Santa Monica and Los Angeles County. We will also talk about the benefits of seeking professional help at a Santa Monica rehab. Most importantly, you will know more about Valley Recovery Center at Agua Dulce and the proven treatment programs that are customized to meet your unique needs. If you have questions about our rehab programs in Santa Monica, call us toll-free today and speak to one of our knowledgeable and compassionate treatment staff.

California Addiction Treatment

Introduction to Addiction in Santa Monica and Los Angeles County

Drug addiction is a disease characterized by the compulsive need to consume a substance despite adverse consequences. Someone who is addicted isn’t making a conscious decision to use drugs chronically; it’s something they’re compelled to do by the reward center in their brain. Drug use is both rewarding and reinforcing because the user is always craving the effect of the substance, and taking it fulfills their craving.

If you’re struggling with this condition, the chances are that you want more than anything to stop. You may have even tried to quit several times but been overwhelmed by the short-term negative feelings and strength of the compulsion to use. Addiction often distracts the sufferer from being able to think in the long term and magnifies impulsive tendencies, making trying to quit drugs alone almost impossible.

Some of the symptoms of drug use may only be noticeable to the person suffering from the condition, while others are more obvious. If you’re a person with a substance abuse disorder, it’s incredibly challenging to self-diagnose and know when drug abuse has turned to addiction. The nature of the illness causes you to justify your behavior and prioritize it over aspects of your life that your logical mind knows are more important.

  • Preoccupation with obtaining drugs
  • Neglecting responsibilities
  • Fluctuating mood, depending on whether you have substances or not
  • Majority of your time spent high or getting drugs
  • Increasingly high tolerance
  • Withdrawal symptoms upon cessation
  • Interpersonal problems
  • Financial difficulties
  • Changes in weight
  • Memory loss
  • High or low blood pressure

Addiction is incredibly complex, with no single reason or gene that can predict it’s going to present itself. There are thought to be around 50 genetic markers that can predispose an individual to develop the condition. Often, a series of circumstances then further amplify the likelihood, which is finished off with repeat exposure. Several stages are necessary for the onset of the condition, but what causes one person to become addicted won’t necessarily do the same to someone else.

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How Valley Recovery Center Can Help

Why Choose an Alcohol or Drug Rehab in Santa Monica?

While an alcohol or drug rehab in Santa Monica will give you the best chance of long-term recovery, you may be hesitant to commit to treatment. You may feel that treatment isn’t right for you, or that treatment is too expensive, or you may feel that you can recover on your own without professional help. While these concerns are normal, the benefits you receive at a Santa Monica rehab are tremendous and will transform your life. The following are the benefits you would receive from an alcohol rehab in Santa Monica:

A Safe and Secure Environment

An immense benefit of attending treatment at a Santa Monica rehab center is the staff’s commitment to providing a safe and secure environment so you can focus solely on your recovery. Your regular day-to-day life is full of the people, places, and things that make you vulnerable to substance use. When you remove yourself from that environment and into the safe environment of treatment, you are free of distractions and disruptions—and you can focus on yourself. In addition to a safe environment, drug rehab programs in Santa Monica feature state-of-the-art amenities, and many have private suite-like bedrooms. 


Alcohol and drug rehabs in Santa Monica provide support in two ways:

  1. Experienced treatment staff will utilize customized treatment plans from a wide spectrum of programs and services to allow you to heal and recover.
  2. You will receive unconditional support from others just like you who are new in recovery. This support will motivate and empower you to transform your life.
  3. Many rehab programs in Santa Monica have comprehensive family therapy programs which allows family members, friends, and others supportive of your recovery to take part in the healing process.

Around the Clock Healthcare

When you quit using drugs and alcohol, you will experience a wide variety of physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms that can be very uncomfortable and painful to endure. These symptoms can even be life-threatening if you have underlying health issues or are abusing multiple substances. A critical component found in Santa Monica drug rehab centers is around-the-clock medical care provided by experienced medical personnel. Whether it is medical detoxification or other medical interventions, these services help make the withdrawal process easier to regain your physical and mental health.

Healthy Structure

Another key component found in drug treatment programs in Santa Monica is the implementation of a strict and healthy daily schedule. This schedule is created by treatment staff and is filled with healthy and recovery-centered activities. These activities can include morning meditation, recreation and exercise programs, individual and group therapy, 12-step groups, and similar self-help group meetings, and nourishing meals. Establishing and adopting a healthy daily routine is an important foundation for your recovery. These schedules are filled with fun and healthy activities, which minimizes idle time, which is a major trigger for relapse.

Multiple Payment Options

A major obstacle for many who seek treatment is its cost. Drug treatment can be very expensive. However, many of the best drug rehab centers in Santa Monica offer multiple ways to pay for the treatment you need and deserve. Many rehabs work with many insurance companies, and the chances of your treatment services being fully or partially covered are very high. However, if you are underinsurance or uninsured, many rehabs in Santa Monica offer sliding fee scales, scholarships, and other alternative methods to pay.

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Levels of Care at Our Santa Monica Rehab

In your search for the best drug and alcohol rehab center in Santa Monica, there are many things to look for in a treatment program. The most important thing any rehab must have are different levels of care. Since you are unique in your needs and recovery goals, there needs to be different levels of care that can be tailored to meet those needs. Valley Recovery Center at Agua Dulce offers different levels of care that are evidence-based, extensively tested, and are proven to work for you. We offer the following services to help you get and stay sober:

Medical Detoxification

Medical detoxification is an absolute must in a comprehensive treatment program. Detox is the first and most important step on your road to long-term recovery. Detox will help you gradually wean off of substances, and will help make your withdrawal symptoms more tolerable. You will be closely monitored by experienced medical staff, and they will utilize a variety of interventions that will allow you to get both mentally and physically stable. Additionally, medical staff will perform a comprehensive evaluation to pinpoint any underlying medical and mental health issues that may provide roadblocks in your recovery journey.

Inpatient Treatment

Our Santa Monica drug and alcohol rehab features evidence-based intensive inpatient treatment programs customized to fit your specific needs. Experienced addiction will utilize a wide variety of programs and services such as individual and group therapy, life and skills training, holistic therapies, and therapeutic techniques, among others. During this phase, you will gain the tools and get the encouragement and support you need to overcome your drug addiction.

Specialized Treatment and Therapy

Our focus on treatment programs specializing in different forms of substance abuse sets our Santa Monica drug rehab apart from other rehabs. We offer programs and services that will help you with an addiction to alcohol, opioid medications, and benzodiazepines. As with our other programs, we employ a holistic and integrated approach to treatment that helps heal and revitalize you as a whole person in body, mind, and spirit. 

All of these levels of care are offered in our luxury rehab facility. Valley Recovery Center at Agua Dulce features the best amenities, including private, luxury bedrooms, wide-open and inviting living spaces, a fully equipped game room and gym, and a beautiful pool area and hot tub. Set in a secluded private setting with breathtaking views, our drug rehab center will rejuvenate and recharge you as you transform your life.

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