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What to Bring to a Luxury Addiction Treatment Facility

Deciding to start your journey to recovery and check into rehab is a big deal. In our experience, it’s essential that you know what to expect so you can prepare mentally and get your ducks in a row. To understand what a luxury drug and alcohol treatment center is like, throw your preconceptions out the window. Each day is jam-packed with sociable mealtimes, fun physical activities, traditional therapy, experiential therapy, community support and more.

There are some items we recommend bringing with you, as well as rules about what you can’t take with you. We don’t do this to be restrictive or stop you from enjoying yourself but to maximize what you get out of your experience and minimize the risk of harm. Valley Recovery Center has a hot tub, pool, game room, gym, modern private rooms and stunning views of the serene California landscape.

Items to Bring with You

  • Personal ID
  • Comfy slippers or flip-flops for indoors
  • Hot water bottle and cozy pajamas
  • Swimsuit for the pool and hot tub
  • Unopened lip balm
  • Credit card for daily purchases
  • Workout gear for activities and the gym
  • A three-day supply of your current medication in its original packaging
  • Names and numbers of loved ones and essential contacts
  • Reading material that’s appropriate to recovery
  • Musical instruments for downtime
  • Comfortable, warm clothing such as sweaters, hoodies and sweatpants
  • Attire for outdoor meetings such as shirts, jeans and nonathletic shoes

What Not to Bring

  • Leave all of your electronic devices at home, e.g., consoles, cell phone, laptop, iPod
  • Valuables such as cash, jewelry and expensive watches
  • Car or truck
  • Weapons of any kind are not permitted
  • All clothing must be free of depictions of drugs, drink, violence or sex
  • All toiletries must be unopened and sealed
  • Cigarettes need to be new, unopened packets
  • Vapes must have a new, unused chamber
  • Vape juice should be sealed and brand-new

Will I Be Bored at Rehab?

Boredom is something that bothers lots of people when they think about rehab and sobriety in general. Addiction has a sneaky way of tricking your brain into thinking that your priority is getting drunk or high and that you’d be bored without them. When you stop and think about it, however, the opposite is true. There are so many activities and pursuits that are hindered by being inebriated.

Exercise gives you a natural high, releasing endorphins as well as actively improving your health and physical appearance. You’ll also find that you have more to say and can think more deeply about the things that matter to you. Rehab helps to remind you of all the awesome things you can do when you’re sober, as well as providing therapy and treatment to get you back on track.

Why Do Cigarette Packs, Toiletries and Vapes Need to Be New?

We trust you; honestly, we do. But we don’t trust substance use disorders. They can make honest, good-hearted people do things they would never normally do while sober. One of these things could be trying to sneak in drugs or alcohol when you first arrive. Once your mind is clear, you would never do something like this. However, we can’t take that risk before you’ve started treatment.

What’s the Benefit of No Electronic Devices?

We don’t allow electronic devices because these serve as a distraction and divert your focus from the recovery process. Plus, when there are so many incredible things to do, who wants to hide away alone in front of a screen?

If you’re ready to find out more about how rehab can change your life, get in touch with the Valley Recovery Center now at 866-986-2486.


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