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Finding Drug Addiction Counseling Near Me

There’s a reason that when someone says “rehab” the first thing that likely comes to mind is counseling.

There’s a reason that counseling is the de facto standard for successful treatment. That it’s the cornerstone and foundation on which lasting recovery is built.

The reason? It works. It just plain works.

Of course, before getting into the revelatory power of talk therapy, detox is a must. You can’t start the productive work of any type of rehabilitation until the substances are out of your system. In other words, you need to clean the body before you clean the mind. 

What Is Drug Addiction Counseling?

In the simplest and most basic of terms, addiction counseling is just talking.

That’s it, pack it up, we’re done here. No more exposition needed.

Not so fast.

The role of a counselor in that recovery process needs to be explored properly because it’s not some type of magic that’s happening.

It’s critical to note here that each person has a unique story and set of circumstances that led them to addiction, before the work of a counselor, or really any rehab, can begin in earnest, a personalized plan of action is put together to address your specific needs.

Addressing the psychological aspects of addictive behavior, which is ultimately what’s happening, requires considering your lived experience. Counseling, by its very nature, can’t be a one size fits all solution.

Addiction counseling works to help you understand the root causes of your addiction, the “why”. It also addresses your triggers and shines lights on the scenarios and situations in which you fell back on drugs as a coping mechanism. It works to raise awareness of negative thought patterns.

More important than the sheer acknowledgment of these sorts of things though is that counseling leads you to find new positive ways to cope with and react to whatever life throws at you. To change the very ways in which you think in order to arrive at non-destructive solutions to whatever problems you may encounter.

Counseling isn’t limited to the one on one sessions either. Group counseling plays a big role as well.

Talking with others who have shared and lived similar experiences creates an aura of safe support. A comfort zone to speak on topics that you may have kept inside for years because you felt people might not understand. In that sense, actively participating in group therapy can represent a big step and breakthrough for many.

Family therapy is another vital type of counseling that serves to restore and rejuvenate bonds that drugs may have shattered and build a deeper understanding of addiction for both the family members and you.

How Do I Know If I Need Drug Abuse Counseling?

Drug abuse and addiction aren’t only physical. Not by a long shot. To truly understand the underlying causes of substance abuse and why you found yourself in the grips of addiction requires digging into the psychological side of dependency.

Drug abuse counseling is the only tool that allows for that to happen. Treating the physical without tackling the mental isn’t going to help much in the long run because your thought patterns and relationship with the world haven’t changed which ultimately leaves you at extremely high risk for relapse.

At this point, if you’re one of the millions battling drug addiction, the question isn’t “how do I know if I need drug abuse counseling?” it’s “how do I find drug addiction counseling near me?” because counseling isn’t just important. It’s imperative.

How VRC Agua Dulce Can Help

If you’re struggling to free yourself from the clutches of addiction, Valley Recovery Center in Agua Dulce, California can help. With our team of licensed therapists and registered counselors, we incorporate individual and group therapy, psychoeducation, family therapy and much more in creating a well-rounded and holistic rehab experience. Give us a call and let’s get you on the path of recovery. 

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