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Tammy Albretson, CATC1

Learn more about the expert drug & alcohol treatment staff at Valley Recovery Center at Agua Dulce.


Tammy Albretson, CATC1

Tammy Albretsen is currently the Head Certified Addiction Counselor and Med Coordinator specializing in client care. Tammy has been with Valley Recovery Center since the beginning and holds a strong passion for the field of addiction. She treats addicts and educating individuals to help them better cope with their addictive personalities and break the cycle of addiction to recover their lives, as well as to overcome the stigma associated with this disease. Using clinically tested evidenced-based interventions. Her passion for helping others combined with her extensive personal experience makes her an indispensable asset to VRC. Tammy’s professional skills coupled with her dedication and devotion has driven her in confining her education towards achieving her MFT license and is certified in Equine-Assisted Therapy discipline of using horses as a means to provide metaphoric experience in order to promote emotional growth.

Lead Substance Abuse Counselor Tammy Albretson, CATC1
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