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A’Kia Benbo, Case Manager

Learn more about the expert drug & alcohol treatment staff at Valley Recovery Center at Agua Dulce.

Case Management

A’Kia Benbo, Case Manager

I lead with compassion, consciousness, and hard work. My diverse knowledge and experience in social/human services, psychology, and interpersonal relations enhances my passion and outcomes. Case Management is about making sure that clients achieve wellness and autonomy through advocacy, communication, and useful resources. This is done by creating a detailed and effective case plan that identifies their individual needs. My experience in case management has taught me how to effectively assist clients by identifying appropriate providers and facilities throughout the continuum of services. My dedicated case management and fully integrated approach has helped me be successful in helping clients create long term sustainability.  Helping our clients into recovery is my greatest mission and an unspeakable personal gratification. 

Akia Benbo A'Kia Benbo,Valley Recovery Center
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