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ExecutiveDrug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Programs for Men

Business Man in Suit Looking Out Window Neither drug addiction or alcohol addiction discriminates based on gender or socioeconomic status. However, people from different backgrounds do turn to substance use for distinct reasons. What drives men and women to abuse drugs or alcohol is incredibly different, and the most effective treatment center should target your specific needs. It’s also true that people from contrasting socioeconomic positions in society develop substance abuse disorders for varying reasons. Executive drug rehab for men targets the most successful professionals and executives within society, whose demanding professional lives and high-pressure jobs can take a severe toll. Standard facilities often have less staff and more patients and may not be furnished with the type of amenities that you, as someone at the top of their field, are used to.

Retreat-Like Rehab – Executive Rehab Center

If you’re a seasoned professional, the chances are you haven’t shared a room since college — and you probably swore you’d never do it again. What puts a lot of people in the higher echelons of society off the idea of drug rehab is the notion of a crowded, clinical facility with cold decor and hospital beds. At our men’s luxury rehab facility in California, each client enjoys the use of their own exquisitely decorated room. You’ll have access to a stunning outdoor pool and jacuzzi, nestled in the breathtaking scenery of Agua Dulce. On top of that, access to a fully equipped gym and game room makes our residential treatment facility more akin to a retreat.

Learn to Cope Confidentially

One of the critical factors that drives an executive to abuse substances is the state of mental health – the hectic lifestyle, which means you always have to be switched on. Many professionals work so hard, and for so many hours every week, that unwinding after a long day feels almost impossible. It’s easy to fall into the habit of relying on drugs or alcohol to relax — or to rely on them to keep going. Our addiction experts can help you devise healthy coping mechanisms and see that substance abuse only makes the problem worse in the long run. We also treat any underlying conditions that may be contributing to your addiction, which can be the difference between sustained recovery and relapse. Our secluded, tranquil treatment center goes the extra mile to guarantee you’re kept away from the spotlight during this sensitive time.

Ensure Your Unique Needs Are Met

The reasons why a professional with a high-powered job turns to alcohol or drugs are usually distinct from those for someone who’s struggling to make ends meet. Pressure can be incredibly burdensome, and professionals typically work longer hours than the standard 40. Having the weight of responsibility of an entire department or company on your shoulders is not easy. Although you probably seem to breeze through it all daily, something has to give at some point. If you don’t have healthy strategies in place for dealing with stress, substance use can seem like the only way to deal with it all. Valley Recovery Center customizes a treatment recovery program to your gender and individual circumstances.

Feel Comfortable Among a Like-Minded Peer Group

We only ever have a maximum of six clients on an addiction treatment program at any time, and we employ a full team of addiction specialists. This means that, unlike ordinary drug or alcohol rehab, the staff can dedicate the amount of time required to truly gain an understanding of each individual within their care. There is no one-size-fits-all with us, and the family-like environment means you can develop strong bonds with your fellow residents across the 45-day program. Additionally, everyone using the facility will be a like-minded fellow professional. Empathy and feeling able to relate to your peer group are integral parts of recovery. During group sessions, you’ll be able to discuss the daily struggles you’re up against as an executive and feel understood.

Never Compromise High Standards

You would never compromise on standards at work or at home, so there’s no reason you should have to do it when receiving life-changing treatment at our rehab facility. Our executive rehab for men is located in the picturesque Agua Dulce, California area, north of Los Angeles, and is designed to meet your every need. We’ve got it all covered, from the finest relaxation areas to delicious chef-prepared meals and luxurious suites to retire to at the end of the evening. If you’re an executive or professional man seeking a drug rehab program or alcohol treatment facility located in California that can cater to your individual needs, speak to one of the advisers from Valley Recovery Center about our treatment plans at 866-986-2486 today about how we can help you with addiction recovery.
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